Corporate Business Unit and Marketing Objectives: 5 Common Performance Criteria

Define the best marketing objectives for your business. Use this list of SMART goals and KPIs to outline a powerful plan and marketing strategy Know your goals and marketing objectives Set the goals for the business and marketing department to achieve these goals Who are the target audience? Who are the competitor’s target audience? What … Read more

Why Blogs Are Essential For Your Company’s Online Marketing Strategy

By creating well-written, consistent blog posts that are directly related to your business and relevant to those interested in areas of your business. A business blog is an inbound marketing strategy, meaning that by utilizing blogs, interested and targeted visitors are brought right to you. Why Blogs are Important An inbound marketing strategy is a … Read more

Creating Involvement Devices for Websites

An involvement device is a component of marketing, advertising or even SEO that is designed to create a level of user involvement through inviting them to perform an action. One very simple example where an involvement device is used, is with charity boxes. The most obvious of these is usually found in McDonalds restaurants and the bit … Read more

A Brief Of Liquid Limestone

If you are one of those lucky ones that is privileged enough to be able to build a house from scratch, or one of those who are so lucky they can afford to do major renovations in their home, then you may have heard about liquid limestone. One area that will be touched during any … Read more