5 Small Business Guide To Online Printing

Every small business comes to a point where it requires some online printing services these days. The traditional printing company can typically be lacking and limiting of course since they keep ONLY regular work hours. Online printing services on the other hand are always open and are always welcome to service everyone’s needs including the needs of a small business.

If you yourself have small business of your own, let me guide you a bit on how to do your online printing properly. Just follow the tips below and discover exactly what you will want to do.

  1. Stick to the standard templates. For small businesses, it is better to stick to standard templates at the start. It might be tempting to be creative and use something totally different, but you should only do this in online printing if you have the right skills.

If you are totally new to the world of online printing, then it is always best to just stick to standard templates. Not online is it a lot easier to print and design stuff using those templates, but your online printing process itself will suffer fewer errors in conversion because it is all standard for online printing.

  1. Plan ahead and get things in bulk. Also, try to always plan ahead and order as many pieces as you can for your online printing. IF you need custom notepads for example in 3 batches throughout the year, it is better to print them all at once in one order. This allows you to get more bulk discounts in online printing. Each piece of your prints will become cheaper simply because you planned a little bit more ahead. So if you want to save in online printing for your small business, try to plan ahead a bit.
  2. Save money by choosing where full color printing happens. Another good online printing tip for small businesses is to choose where exactly the full color printing happens in your prints. Sometimes, some online printers will offer you spot color printing.

This is the process where only parts of your prints will be printed in full color inks. The rest can be printed in black ink so that you can save on their printing, more especially for the text elements. You can save as much as 20%-30% of your online printing costs when you do this.

  1. Remember to optimize your printing choices. It is also crucial that you remember to optimize your printing choices. The standard or default options when it comes to paper, folding and cutting can sometimes be a little bit more expensive that you would otherwise get. So make sure you review and optimize your printing choices so that you are only paying exactly for the specifications that you want for printing.
  2. Choose the best and most affordable printers. Finally, you should realize that you are not really stuck with only one printing company. There are plenty of online printing service firms out there that you can choose from. Simply try to shop for the best and most affordable printers to get those cheap prices and best prints with little risk or problems. That is why it is best to shop around and ask around for printing quotations. The more you know the better.

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