How to Establish and Grow Your Own Business

So here let we know about all the basic fundamentals to turn your idea into a established business. Then all the farther strategies from start to finish and apply it practically. To analyse the market acquisition, how to tackle the competitor, marketing and advertising, launching the store, preplanning to post planning everything I explained. And I maintained step by step process following what in a control manner will help you to execute your ideas into a Billion Dollars Start-up from little shop. So here all steps to follow from start to finish

1. Idea

An idea of a great business always came from those revaluations what we were really needed time. In the of Steve Jobs, we’re really needed computers in affordable price and simple UI/UX. Because of that time Computers were really so expensive and also complex to understand by a normal user but we all know what happened then. So, have you any idea that’s really needed your region, or any idea that you can convince the market to bring a revelation. But you can think that you’ll make a shop of cookies that already have but still you need to have an idea what change you take on your shop that customers choose your shop rather than others, maybe it’s another topic of marketing strategy, but having an unique idea first always give an extra benefits, but later also has some cons too. 

So, if you’ve an idea let’s begin and go for another step. But it’s being harder to find an idea, don’t be panic or depressed, coming an idea always takes sometimes. But we can follow some steps and follow the people who were in same trouble. Here I’ll suggest you to read the book The $100 Startup” by Chris Guillebeau

Or at least check this blog out- “How to get your own idea what you can execute into a billion dollars start-up”

2. Execution

After having too many times in trouble with an idea to execute it, we can’t understand where start to. So basically, it’s really tough part of the business. We being scared it time, so most of the time we don’t execute our ideas. But if we look at this it’s not that much harder if you follow the strategies of execution. So, let’s understand this. Suppose we gonna start a cookie shop what we need is that a cookie dealer who will supply you the cookies, customers whom to sell to, so that you have to choose a batter place to start your shop where there’s the gathering of those people who takes too much cookies and also good place to get delivered cookies from the dealer quick. So, there’s come the initial expanses so that we’ll have to preplant our all expenses and also make a balance sheet of our business.

3. Marketing

So, till now you got an idea pre planed it then execute it. Now come to the most important thing to do where all the people do mistake is doing the marketing. When we see that our business runs well and we forgot our future growth and being unconscious and as result a competitor comes and ruin everything so we need to stay conscious about that every second. We can say it’s the part of our post planning.

But these things won’t happen all the times. Most of the times we see the competitor is still growing and you got left in dumb. Even if you got some serious customer, they shift to another competitor. Understanding why it’s happened and how you overcome from this situation let me show you some strategies to follow, and I make you sure you’ll get it.

1. Listen the customer what they’re asking, taking this as a feedback and improve or upgrade it to your business model made a relationship with the customers so that they never switched to your competitor 

2. Special and exclusive offers or exclusive products what can be sold as the accessories of the main product you sell, here notice that your offer should be like that they come and buy again, here you can give them coupons to buy in future from your shop with limited time what increases the customer potential.

3. Behaviour, it’s the most important thing the people like smiley face and they hate late response

4. And also you and do paid marketing campaign as Facebook Ads, Google Ads, sponsoring event etc.

4. Post Planning

So, after all of these you established your business and it’s running perfectly and gives you a decent amount of money every month. So here the last step of post planning. The plans you’ve about your business in future, here you want to take rest, getting employees or you wanna expand your business to other cities, opening franchises or add more selling items to your existing one. In there also we need the strategies we used while execution the market, the economy is totally different in other cities from where we started maybe some similarities but still not the same. So here the strategies to follow this part.

1. Look your existing one first, is that as much stable as you can do more experiments? If yes then execute another store same like that you did in first one.

2. Choose good employees with conditions.

3. Here also you can pay marketing campaign and sponsored any event in that city where you’re executing

4. Offer the best deal to beat your competitors

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